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A Lasting Legacy

$2 Million Gift to Transform Neurosciences, Stroke Care

Marvin Blaski

St. Jude Medical Center is pleased to announce a $2 million gift which will fund the establishment of the first endowed medical directorship in the hospital's history-the Marvin Blaski Endowed Medical Directorship for Stroke. The gift comes from the estate of the late Marvin Blaski, a former patient who dedicated the gift in appreciation for the care he received after his stroke in 1996.

"This is an extraordinary gift for which we are deeply grateful," said Brian Helleland, Chief Executive, St. Jude Medical Center. "The creation of an endowed medical directorship allows us to recruit and retain the nation's best physicians, aggressively pursue research and innovation, and create improvements in care that will benefit hundreds, if not thousands, of families in the community."

The establishment of the Marvin Blaski Endowed Medical Directorship for Stroke will further enhance St. Jude's work as an Advanced Comprehensive Stroke Center, the highest level of stroke certification earned by only 10 hospitals in California. As the only hospital in North Orange County to have earned this designation, St. Jude is the community's primary resource for highly-specialized stroke care that can successfully treat the most standard to most complex stroke cases.

Mr. Blaski dedicated an additional $1 million to support future funding priorities for the hospital, making his combined estate gift $3 million, one of the largest gifts in hospital history. Through his simple yet incredibly meaningful act of including St. Jude in his will, Mr. Blaski has left a lasting legacy at our hospital which will benefit countless patients and families for years to come.

Gifts of time or treasure all make a difference

There is a spirit at St. Jude Medical Center that is different from other hospitals.

This spirit has inspired the generosity of grateful patients, families and community friends. Over the years, gifts both large and small to the Memorial Foundation have supported St. Jude Medical Center, helping to make it one of Southern California's most respected and technologically advanced hospitals.

Philanthropy has allowed us to create nationally recognized services, build facilities where quality and innovation can flourish, and provide lifesaving care to all who walk through our doors.

Today, St. Jude Medical Center’s commitment to excellence is more important than ever—and it is a generous community that makes that commitment possible.

But as the medical needs of this community continue to grow, so does the importance of those willing to give to ensure state-of-the-art care for family, friends and neighbors.

There are many ways you can help. To learn more, please call the St. Jude Memorial Foundation at (714) 992-3033 or email us at

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