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For Patients at St. Jude Medical Center

At St. Jude Medical Center, we are proud to serve the healthcare and medical needs of people throughout Fullerton, California and the surrounding areas. If you are anticipating that you will be a patient at our facility, we are committed to providing you with the information that you need to set your mind at ease so that you can be more informed about your upcoming stay. Regardless of the specific topics that you currently have questions about, you can rest assured knowing that we have the answer for you. Some of the information available on our side addresses the following topics:

Advance Care Planning
At our facility, we know the importance of making plans should you reach the end of your life. For this reason, we make it easy for you to make the important decisions about your wishes and to specify the care that you want and the care that you don't. This can be useful in situation in which you are unable to make decisions, such as if you are in a coma, or if you are unable to speak.

Billing Information
We have found that much of the stress about being a patient can stem from confusion about the billing process. We have therefore simplified this and provided all necessary information regarding Medicare, HMO / PPO / POS and others. If you have further questions about billing, do not hesitate to contact our Financial Counselors at 714-992-3000 extensions 3825 or 5110.

Complaint Resolution and Grievances
While we hope that patients and visitors will never have any issues, we recognize that there are situations that might result in questions, concerns or complaints. If you are looking to resolve problems or address any issues that you might be struggling with, we encourage you to contact a patient relations specialist anytime between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. on Monday and Friday at (714) 992-3000, ext. 3749. For after hour questions, please direct them towards the change nurse or nursing supervisor at (714) 871-3280.

Condition H for Help
Family and friends may recognize the subtle changes in a loved one which could signify an emergency before it becomes apparent to a healthcare specialist. Should a patient, family or friend notice a significant change or have serious concerns they should call our emergency call line at extension 2158 on all hospital phones to initiate Condition H.

Health Plans and Insurance
Want to know if your healthcare plan provides you access to St. Jude? If you would like to see our contracts, we encourage you to view our constantly updated list. If you have further questions that you would like addressed, just call our St. Jude Health Resource Line at (800) 870-7537.

Interpreter Services
For patients who do not speak English as a primary language, we are proud to offer comprehensive interpreter services. By providing interpretation for a wide variety of languages, including Sign Language, we strive to make sure that your stay with us is as comfortable as possible by providing efficient and open communication.

Joint Commission Statement
We at St. Jude are proud to say that we are accredited by the Joint Commission – this means that over the years, we have complied with standards of organization, patient care and safety. As we constantly strive to push ourselves to new limits, we have invited a full survey of our center by The Joint Commission. To us, this is just another way in which we can ensure the highest quality of medical care.

Medical Records
If you are seeking to gain a copy of your medical record, you don't need to jump through hoops. Our hospital makes sure that the process is as simple as possible – allowing you access to medical records, billing information, birth certificates and radiology films. To learn how you can request this, please click here.

Notice of Privacy Practices
At St. Jude Medical Center, we believe that your health information is personal. We keep records of the care and services that you receive at our facilities. We are committed to keeping your health information private. This notice describes how medical information about you may be used and disclosed and how you can gain access.

Patient Financial Assistance Program
At St. Jude Medical Center, we strongly believe that just because you are not able to pay right away does not mean that you should not receive high-quality care. For this reason, we offer our Patient Financial Assistance Program. To learn if you qualify for financial assistance under this program or to apply, please call our Financial Counselor at (714) 446-5141 or click here.

Spiritual Care and Chapel

For us, healthcare extends past the physical. We therefore are proud to provide our patients with 24 / 7 access to our spiritual care services. This includes everything from visitation to pastoral counseling, crisis intervention and end of life care. Our certified chaplains do everything that they can to work with you, as well as your clergy or religious leaders, to help provide emotional and spiritual support during your stay.

To learn more about the above topics, we encourage you to click on any of your links to the left. From finding information regarding locations and directions to requesting an appointment, we hope that this site serves you in preparing for your stay with us. As a values-based Catholic medical center, we have been proud to serve the needs of our community for the last 50 years and look forward to the upcoming years. From helping with the delivering of a baby to performing surgery for life-threatening medical issues and even performing routine checkups, we always strive to provide the highest quality of care for our patients. To learn more about how we can help, contact us at (714) 871-3280 as soon as possible.