Sports Performance

Training with a purpose is nothing new to athletes and sport enthusiasts; improving the function and movement of your body to get the best performance is the key to winning. The sports performance programs at St. Jude Medical Center were developed on this philosophy and combine all the sports conditioning principles with specialized clinical insight and experience to take your game to the next level.

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Functional Performance Training

You work out because you want results, but sometimes it seems, no matter what you do you can't get to the next level. If you want to get more out of your training and physical conditioning program, you've got to start with the FMS.

FMS, or Functional Movement Screen, is a powerful exercise philosophy based on a system of documented movement patterns that are essential to normal function and performance. FMS is a core component of Functional Performance Training. By screening for your normal movement patterns, the FMS can improve the effects of your training by identifying the things that hinder your improvement.

The FMS uses a ranking and grading system that can only be administered and assessed by a Certified Functional Movement Screen Professional. Once completed, the screening generates an FMS Score that is used to develop the most beneficial corrective exercises for you and your ultimate performance.

FMS can be applied to any fitness level to:

  • Provide a baseline to measure progress and performance
  • Identify limitations and dangerous movement patterns
  • Provide individualized training and conditioning programs
  • Reduce the potential for training and sports injuries
  • Help set realistic and achievable goals


If you're constantly slicing or hooking your shots on the golf course, or just regularly being outplayed by your playing partners, it might not be that new titanium driver. It might be a function of your balance, flexibility and strength.

Let the instructors at St. Jude evaluate your body weaknesses and swing faults with the same screening process used by PGA and LPGA touring professionals. Our instructors are certified by the Titleist Performance Institute, and they're specially trained to create individualized golf-specific fitness programs. These programs are designed to correct your specific imbalances or limitations to improve your endurance, club head speed and driving—all while helping you avoiding injury. Oh, and you might even win that next skins game.


While designed for all fitness levels, Kinesis™ is especially valuable in specialized training programs for advanced athletic performance; offering equipment and expertise not available at other fitness centers. St. Jude Medical Center is pleased to be one of the first facilities in the country to offer the world-renowned Kinesis™ training system; one of the most innovative and dynamic strength training systems available today.

The unparalleled capabilities of Kinesis™ support activation of kinetic chains, not just individual muscles that simultaneously combine strength training, flexibility, balance, and conditioning. Even more, the incorporation of double weight stack means each cable controls a single, independent resistance level depending on the desire and capabilities of the individual creating greater freedom when defining movements. FullGravity™ patent-pending technology allows tri-dimensional movements with smooth, even resistance through virtually any possible movement pattern, as well as increasing resistance as the distance away from the station increases.

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