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Prepared Childbirth Class

Mother Baby

Prepared childbirth classes are a must for first-time parents. These comprehensive childbirth classes will help you be prepared and confident as you approach your big day. Our certified team of instructors is available to provide everything that you need to know and separate fact from fiction on hot-button pregnancy, labor and delivery topics. The classes include: anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, the labor and birth process, signs of labor, stages and phases of labor, coping methods, pain management, common complications and promoting communication with your caregiver. They will teach you breathing, relaxation and positions that are important tools throughout your labor. All of this information has been customized to your delivery at St. Jude.

If you feel overloaded with information that you have received through books, television, websites, or acquaintances, our instructors will help you sift through it all so you can focus on what is most important: creating a positive birth experience.

Please aim to complete your classes by the 36th week of pregnancy. You never know when your little one will choose to arrive!

To register for this class, click here.

Price: $90.00
Registration Type: Online Registration
Registration Info: Price is per couple.