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The needs of a leading medical center like St. Jude are many and they are varied, but they are all focused on the continued delivery of world-class care, close to home, in a healing and compassionate environment. The following priority areas reflect our current needs and opportunities to expand our live-saving services for the benefit of those we serve.

3D Mammography (Digital Tomosynthesis) – 86% of Goal Raised to Date

St. Jude has embarked on a $4.1 million initiative to support women’s health and bring today’s most advanced diagnostic breast imaging technology to our Kathryn T. McCarty Breast Center. 3D mammography (or digital tomosynthesis) allows radiologists to examine fine details in breast tissue like never before—a benefit for all women, but especially for those with dense breast tissue. The improvement in visualization is a tremendous advantage in detecting cancer in its earliest stages. Help us reach our goal to fully transition the breast center to use 3D mammography units, and give the 30,000 women who are screened each year the greatest chances for successful treatment and survival. Learn more.

St. Jude Crosson Cancer Institute

A gift toward St. Jude’s nationally-recognized Cancer Institute will ensure that every patient has the greatest chances for successful diagnosis, treatment, recovery and survival. Rapid advances in science and technology have made it possible to diagnose and treat even the most aggressive forms of cancer. Your contribution keeps us at the forefront of cancer care by supporting the latest therapeutic innovations and technology, the most advanced diagnostic procedures, groundbreaking clinical trials, and survivorship and support programs.

St. Jude Neurosciences Institute

Philanthropic investment in our Neurosciences Institute is an investment in our most important organ: our brain. Thanks to donor support, St. Jude is home to one of the nation’s most sophisticated neurosurgical suites and has been designated as 1 of only 10 Advanced Comprehensive Stroke Centers in California. Your gift will further enhance these life-saving services and ensure that the community always has access to the latest technology, leading-edge procedures, and life-changing rehabilitation programs close to home—for nearly any neurological condition—from stroke to neurodegenerative disorders to traumatic brain injury.

Palliative Care

Support for St. Jude’s palliative care program will help those enduring serious or incurable diseases live as well as possible for as long as possible. Palliative care looks at the whole person and engages an interdisciplinary team of physicians, nurses, case managers, social workers, and psychological and spiritual care staff to provide holistic relief from symptoms, pain, and physical and mental stress. Palliative care specialists also assist families with care planning and ensuring a patient’s wishes are understood and honored by the caregiving team.

Rehabilitation Program

When you give to St. Jude’s rehabilitation program, you directly help individuals with injury or illness recover their energy, well-being and quality of life more completely and more quickly. Your support will expand and enhance life-changing programs including orthopedics and sports rehabilitation, chronic pain center, brain injury, stroke recovery, spinal cord injury, and many others.

Care for the Poor (Community Benefit) Program

Through its Care for the Poor (Community Benefit) program, St. Jude increases medical access and prevention services to the most vulnerable in our community with a special focus on those living in poverty. Philanthropy enables St. Jude to expand vitally-needed services, such as medical, dental and behavioral health visits for the uninsured/underinsured; senior services; obesity prevention and healthy lifestyles programs for youth and families; and homeless support services. Your support will help promote healthier futures for all residents in our region.

Where the Need is Greatest

Unrestricted giving is one of the most effective ways to make an impact on St. Jude Medical Center. By designating your gift to “where the need is greatest,” you provide St. Jude with the flexibility to addressing emerging community needs, pursue new technologies and treatments as soon as they become available, and embark on opportunities that improve the health and quality of life in the communities we serve.

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