Memorial Foundation Board

The Memorial Foundation is guided by a volunteer Board of Directors whose members oversee the work of the Foundation on behalf of St. Jude Medical Center.


  • Mike Hernandez, Chair
  • Terry Brick, Vice Chair
  • Janny Meyer, Secretary
  • Brian Helleland, Chief Executive, St. Jude Medical Center

Board of Directors

  • Dennis Buchanan, M.D
  • Salma Bushala-Hamud
  • Adrianne Geiger-DuMond, Ph.D.
  • Sister Patricia Haley, CSJ
  • William Lawler, M.D.
  • Joseph S. Lawton, M.D.
  • Donna Marino, D.O.
  • James McGrade
  • Jeff McHugh
  • Scott Rojas
  • Dorothy Lippman Salovesh
  • Kathy Salter
  • Susan Shaw
  • Cathy Shircliff
  • Stephen Straub
  • Dr. Stephen Tsai
  • Mike Verity

Philanthropic Support Groups

  • Duncan Johnson, President, St. Jude Medical Center Guild
  • William Lindstrom, Chair, St. Jude Golden Hearts Steering Committee

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