Senior couple dancing outdoors; stroke rehabilitation

Rehabilitation After A Stroke

Stroke is the leading cause of disability in the United States. At St. Jude Medical Center, we’re proving it doesn’t have to be.

Our stroke recovery program has been accredited by CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities), an independent, international organization that promotes the standards of care for rehabilitation programs. Accreditation demonstrates that a hospital's program represents the highest quality, value, and optimal outcomes for the individuals served. By bringing together experts in physical medicine and rehabilitation, speech pathology, occupational therapy, speech therapy, neuropsychology, and physical therapy, we are creating a level of care and comprehensiveness that is second to none.

Recovery begins while a patient is still hospitalized, where board-certified rehabilitation medicine physicians and an experienced team of nurses and therapists help patients start to regain their independence. Our success is evident in our outcomes: Over 95 percent of our patients return home within three months of suffering a stroke

The Next Step

We also offer the state’s most comprehensive and innovative list of outpatient services to help you continue your progress after discharge. Individualized to meet your specific needs and goals, our services cover the entire spectrum of care, from structured therapy programs to work site evaluations to determine skills needed for successful reentry to daily life.

Located at the St. Jude Centers for Rehabilitation, our specialized outpatient services are designed to rebuild each patient’s skills and confidence, and include today’s most advanced therapies and technologies, such as weight-supported treadmill gait training, functional electrical stimulation, and robotic-enhanced therapy. From our innovative driving rehabilitation program to community outings to practice relearned skills, we don’t just follow evidence-based protocols – we are at the forefront of developing them.

For more information on our inpatient programs call (714) 992-3000 ext.3886, or outpatient programs (714) 578-8720. Or click here to learn more.