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What is Integrative Medicine?

What is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative Medicine offers a broader approach to healing and health. This holistic approach incorporates conventional medicine as well as evidencebased complementary therapies — using the best of both to help patients fundamentally improve their health and quality of life.

Susan Cocke, MD, is a highly-respected, board-certified expert in Allergy and Immunology, for both adults and children, Integrative and Holistic Medicine and Acupuncture. Dr. Cocke incorporates Integrative Medicine into her Allergy and Immunology practice, by offering patients today’s most successful evidence-based approaches to good health, combining conventional medicine with the documented benefits of complementary therapies.

Instead of simply treating the symptoms of a specific condition, she focuses on correcting the root cause. By recognizing the interplay between mind and body, emotions and illness, and stress and immune function, Integrative Medicine offers a highly individualized approach. This whole-person approach connects all aspects of health, from vitamin deficiencies and hormone balance to emotional well-being — and recognizes the value of evidence-based interventions and lifestyle changes, such as acupuncture, boosting key vitamins and enzymes, reestablishing healthy bacteria in the digestive system, yoga, and managing stress in healthy ways.

New research continues to document what Integrative Medicine has known for decades: for many, a regular Pilates class and a Mediterranean-style diet can be more valuable to good health than a lifetime of prescription drugs.

Dr. Cocke is passionate about helping adults overcome the most common health obstacles, including food sensitivity, food allergies and inflammation. She practices at the St. Jude Heritage Medical Office in Yorba Linda. To make an appointment, please call (714) 579-6826.