Structural Empowerment

Nurses are invited to help make decisions that drive patient care through the Shared Governance (SG) council structure. This important collaborative interprofessional work drives excellence by improving policies, standards of practice and implementing innovative ideas.

St. Jude’s SG provides the structures and processes in which clinical nurses have autonomy in their practice, and are encouraged to make decisions and have authority to practice to the full scope of their license in accordance with their professional clinical knowledge and experience to achieve excellent patient outcomes based on current evidence based practice guidelines. Nurse’s commitment to lifelong learning promotes role development, academic achievement, and career advancement. St. Jude nurses enrich their communities by providing education, service and support in many areas. Recognizing and celebrating nursing’s contributions increases the communities’ confidence in the profession, educates people about different nursing roles and responsibilities, and inspires people to enter the trusted profession. St. Jude’s values the contribution each nurse makes for the benefit of patients and families, physicians, staff and the organization.

Nurse Academic Progression is snowballing at St. Jude following the IOM's call to action in ____.

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