New Knowledge

A major component of St. Jude’s academic mission is to generate, evaluate, implement and disseminate new knowledge and cutting-edge technologies. Nurses working in a healthy professional environment continuously ask questions about their practice and patient outcomes, explore and implement evidence-based solutions to continuously improve their care, and when needed; conduct formal research to generate new knowledge.

Finding innovative ways to achieve high-quality, effective and efficient care is an outcome of the well-developed structures and processes that engage and support nurses in professional practice.

Research Studies, Publications, Podiums and Posters

When nursing practice is rooted in scientific evidence, care becomes more effective, efficient, and reliable, and results in better outcomes for patients and families.

At St. Jude, structures exist to:

  • Ensure nursing practice is evidence-based
  • Build nursing research capacity
  • Develop and disseminate innovations in nursing practice

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