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A lack of sleep affects every area of your life, from your health and relationships to your ability to succeed at work. Yet millions of Americans are living with the pervasive and often devastating impact of a sleep disorder – without ever understanding why they feel so tired all the time.

The St. Jude Sleep Center in Orange County, brings unusual expertise to the most common and undiagnosed sleep problem in America today: sleep apnea. By specializing in this frequently overlooked sleep disorder, the St. Jude Sleep Center offers something unique: the clinical knowledge to fully evaluate and accurately identify the cause, along with a single-minded commitment to creating the most effective, personalized treatment available.

Experts at finding the cause – and the solution

We offer one of Southern California’s most respected and knowledgeable sleep medicine physicians, as well as experienced polysomnographic technologists and the convenience of at-home sleep testing. In addition to being highly accurate, home testing is easy-to-use and avoids the inconvenience of lab studies.

At every stage – evaluation, testing, and creating a solution – our program is distinguished by the level of expertise, education and support we offer our patients.

Sleep disorders are a serious medical problem.

While over 40 million Americans suffer from treatable sleep disorders, less than a third seek help. The cost can be fatigue, irritability, lower productivity and reduced quality of life. But it could be considerably higher: auto accidents, high blood pressure, heart failure and stroke. If you or someone close to you has one of these sleep-related problems, take it seriously.

Symptoms of a Sleep Disorder:

  • Heavy snoring
  • Pauses in breathing during sleep
  • Chronic fatigue or sleepiness
  • Falling asleep when bored
  • Sleepwalking or acting out dreams
  • Morning headaches

Some insurance plans will allow you to self-refer to the St. Jude Sleep Center in Orange County, while others may require a referral from your primary care provider; however, a doctor's order is required.

To make an appointment or find out more about our services, please call (714) 446-7240.

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