Palliative Care

If you, or a loved one, are trying to manage a serious illness, you know relief from symptoms and pain is as important as diagnosing and treating the illness. Sometimes, as with chemotherapy, treatment itself may cause symptoms and suffering that need attention. At St. Jude Medical Center, our approach to Palliative Care is aligned with our mission of honoring the quality of life. We focus on what’s important to our patients and their family as they cope with treatment. We discuss the patient's and families' goals, Advance Care Planning, and help relieve and reduce symptoms associated with treatment with expertise, care and compassion.

Palliative Care Services

Palliative Care is any type of care or treatment that focuses on improving the quality of life of people suffering from a serious or long-term illness, as well as medical care and treatments aimed at reducing the severity of disease symptoms and pain. For example, palliative care may address symptoms such as pain, fatigue, stress, nausea, and loss of appetite and shortness of breath.

Either by request of a patient, family member, or healthcare professional, our expert Palliative Care Team will consult with and assist a patient, suffering from a life-limiting condition. St. Jude’s Palliative Care Team works in partnership with the patient and family to determine the priorities for care and brings together a multidisciplinary team, that may include a patient's medical team, social worker, spiritual care, physical therapist, family members, or other experts as needed.

Whatever the medical condition of a patient, palliative care can help you or your loved one with relief from the pain, symptoms and stress of serious illness – whatever the prognosis. It is appropriate for people of any age and at any point in an illness. Please ask your doctor or other healthcare professional if you or your loved one wish to meet with a representative of the St. Jude Palliative Care Team. To contact the Palliative Care team, please call (714) 992-3000 ext. 6341.

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