Ornish Reversal Program Testimonials

Adam S., 35

Father, Husband, Online Advertiser
Health Challenges: 99% blocked artery, angioplasty
Undoing it since: 2015

"I was experiencing quite some discomfort during my runs for a period of time, but I pushed it off due to my age, and thought it was possibly just indigestion. After a little vacation my wife and I went on, where I had some discomfort even though I wasn’t really doing any strenuous activity, she made me go to see a doctor. That’s when I found out I had a 99 percent blocked artery. Dr. Sherman, my cardiologist, advised me to go straight to the ER for an angioplasty. After my surgery, he suggested the Ornish Reversal Program, and I got into their very next cohort. The support system and the roadmap this program gave me is amazing. A month ago my friend’s mom had a heart attack, and she is just lost. Her doctor has asked her to exercise and eat healthy, but she does not have the roadmap for success like I did through the Ornish Reversal Program. I have a great community of support from people that can relate to what I have gone through, and continue to go through. The program also includes spouses, which is amazing to me. The Ornish Reversal Program is about getting everybody healthy to continue to live. If you want to live, there’s no other option!"

April P., 55

Mother, Agricultural Lawyer
Health Challenges: Hypertension
Undoing it since: 2015

"Initially I pushed back on starting the Ornish Reversal Program, but I finally decided to participate in it. The program works. For the first time since my heart attack on August 31, 2015, I have been able to run again. What I loved most about the program is that it gives me the strength and courage to carry me through the rest of my life. It gave me the tools that I need to live a long life. Prior to my heart attack, I was a healthy runner and after the event I did not expect to have the strength to do that again, but today I ran 2.2 miles without stopping. This program gave me confidence, it’s worth it!"

Mark M., 56

Father, Retired Deputy Sheriff
Health Challenges: Massive Heart Attack
Undoing it since: 2015

"After my Heart attack in 2008, I was put on eight different medications two times per day. One of the medications was a steroid, and it made me gain a significant amount of weight. I was at 282 pounds and just could not get the weight off. When I went to bed at night, I needed to use a CPAP machine. I had chest pain, shortness of breath, and numbness in my hand. I was popping nitros like they were candy. Then, my Cardiologist suggested I try the Ornish Reversal Program. I now weigh 250 pounds and my medications have been reduced by half. I no longer use a CPAP at night, and I no longer have shortness of breath, chest pain or numbness. The group support element of the program was incredible. It has helped improve my overall communication skills. Overall, it’s a no brainer—this program works!"

Michael A., 68

Family Man, Manufacturing Operations Manager
Health Challenges: Overweight, not feeling normal, heart attack
Undoing it since: 2015

"It was unexpected when I had my heart attack in March 2015. After the event, I was sent for rehab and given the choices of traditional cardiac rehab or a new program called the Ornish Reversal Program—an intensive cardiac rehab program. After doing some research on my own, I chose the Ornish Reversal Program. I felt it was a more comprehensive program that offered better chances of recovery and long term health benefits. I was not able to start the program until August due to some conflicts, so I was able to gain a head start by starting the plant-based diet in June, and it paved my road to recovery. I was already noticing a difference in how I felt before the official program even started, just from starting the plant based diet. By the end of my 9 weeks, I had lost 30 lbs. from the day of my heart attack. Today, I have more energy and overall I feel quite good, and all of my vitals are where they should be. I believe my decision to join the Ornish Reversal Program was worth my time investment, and the long term quality of life benefits will be invaluable."

Bill B., 81

Grandfather, Retired Grandfather
Health Challenges: Heart Attack, Quadruple Bypass, 2 Stents and angioplasty

Undoing it since: 2016

"In 1991, I had my first heart attack. At the time Dr. Landa was my Cardiologist, and after an angioplasty was done, he stated I needed to get Dr. Ornish’s book. I got the book and started to eat healthy. I didn’t follow the diet fully though. I would still eat chicken and fish, but I made sure I was eating a lot more vegetables. As the years went by, and I started to feel better, I realized I was no longer following Dr. Ornish’s guidelines. In 2005, I reconnected with Dr. Landa as a patient and he did a nuclear stress test finding I was completely blocked which led me to a quadruple bypass. In August of 2012 I was having some shortness of breath, only to find out I needed a stent, once I was discharged from the hospital, I still did not feel well, so I went back and that when I realized I had a blood clot, and was having another heart attack, so I had another stent placed. Two stents within 2 weeks!

In October of 2015, I was feeling some tightness in the chest and had another angioplasty done, that’s when I was referred into the Ornish Reversal Program. This program has helped me so much! I have done traditional cardiac rehab before, but this is different, this is a complete program! I had all four components right there in front of me. Of course it helps that my wife does it with me, and came to the sessions with me. I wish everybody was in it because I’ve gotten a lot out of it."

Enrique L., 59

Family Man, Mechanical Enineer
Health Challenges: Heart Attack, 3 stents, Difficulty Breathing
Undoing it since 2016

"I originally heard about the Ornish Reversal Program through my Cardiologist. He had sent me to Traditional Cardiac Rehab in 2011 after my heart attack, but things were different now. In October of 2015, he suggested that I need another stent. I decided that I was going to start the reversal program. I was initially a little bit hesitant as on my initial meeting with the dietitian it was explained to me that I will be on a plant-based diet, I can’t even have seafood. I thought to myself though, let me give this a try, as I had great support from my wife.

I then realized, the diet is not as bad as I thought it would be. It was really helpful that my wife was able to attend the program with me so I knew that my food was being prepared correctly. It was a big encouragement for me to see that I lost 4 pounds in the first week. By week 8, I lost 18 pounds in total. I can go mountain biking again! My family doctor and cardiologist were both impressed by my results as my total cholesterol dropped from 141 to 74! I also am no longer on my blood pressure medication and the dosage of my cholesterol medication has been reduced.

My office mates and family say I inspire them. I look younger and get lots of compliments. This program has changed my self-confidence and gives me the ability to continue moving forward with my lifestyle change. I was even able to go on a business trip and eat out with Ornish friendly foods!"

Sean T., 58

Family Man, Executive Vice Preseident, Insurance Broker
Hpertension, high cholesterol, stent, stress and overweight
Undoing it since: 2016

"I first heard about the Ornish Reversal Program™ when my insurance company sent me a letter stating that I may qualify for it. My wife then started to research the program and encouraged me to join. I spoke to my Cardiologist and Internist, both of whom had heard of Dr. Ornish, and they thought it’d be a good idea for me to enroll as well; mainly because I had a stent and was still having continuous issues with my health. I felt pain in my chest, arm and jaw – not to mention that I also have a strong family history of heart issues. Being in the insurance industry, I was shocked to see my insurance company being so proactive; it is a unique situation when an insurance provider offers a program like this.

When I went in for my intake, I worried that the program was not going to work for me. I travel a lot for work and noticed that there were some challenges for me to overcome for me to succeed. Also, out of the program’s 4 components, I thought I would only be successful in one -- exercise. I felt like the nutritional, stress management and group support components were not a good fit for me. I was wrong! With the support of my wife and my will to thrive, I did it! I was able to embrace the lifestyle changes and became fully compliant. In hindsight, it really wasn’t that difficult. Eventually, the component I looked forward to most was group support, which shocked me. I found it very uplifting. However, all of the components were great!

Overall, I feel much better physically and emotionally because of the Ornish Reversal Program. I lost 40 pounds, increased my flexibility, and sleep much better than I used to. I would recommend this program to anyone."

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