Support Services

Cancer and its treatment often affects every area of your life – which is why we’ve created one of the most comprehensive lists of support services. From complementary therapies and nutrition

counseling, to support groups and symptom management, we offer the help and services you need through each stage of treatment and recovery.


We help patients and families with a history of cancer better understand and manage their cancer risk. Genetic testing and counseling shifts the focus from treatment to cancer prevention and early detection. Our certified genetic counselor offers individualized cancer risk assessment and prevention plans for those with a family history of cancer. Talk to your doctor if you think you should be tested or to see a genetic counselor. A physician referral is required. To make an appointment, please call (714) 446-5630.


Hospice offers compassionate end-of-life care to patients with advanced cancer. Hospice care focuses on quality of life and meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of patients and their families. The emphasis is on comfort rather than on cure. Hospice care can be provided in a variety of settings including the hospital, at home or in a nursing facility. A physician referral is required. For more information about hospice, please call St. Joseph Home Health (714) 712-9559.


One possible side effect of cancer and its treatment is incontinence –and our pelvic floor rehabilitation program can help. Our experienced physical therapists will create an individualized program of biofeedback, pelvic floor muscle strengthening, and abdominal stabilization, helping you to control incontinence and regain your quality of life. Particularly helpful for those who have undergone treatment for gynecological and prostate cancers, this program requires a referral from your physician. To make an appointment, please call (714) 578-8720 ext. 2417.


Cancer treatment can cause swelling and a buildup of fluid in the soft tissues, often in the arms and legs, called lymphedema. Our experienced occupational therapists, certified in lymphedema therapy and massage, can help the body reabsorb accumulated fluid, and reduce swelling

and discomfort. Within the St. Jude Advanced Wound Care and Hyperbaric Center, we offer private treatment rooms solely dedicated to the comfort and optimal management of those with lymphedema. A physician referral is required. To make an appointment, please call (714) 992-3000 ext. 4760.


Being diagnosed with cancer can be overwhelming, as you are suddenly facing a daunting array of decisions, medical specialists, and unfamiliar language. But, here, you won’t face it alone.

Specially trained oncology nurse navigators are available to support you through every step of diagnosis and treatment.

During each phase of care, your nurse navigator will be there: providing education, improving communication with your medical team, and ensuring you get answers to your questions and concerns. Your nurse navigator is the person you can turn to for help or just someone to talk to. From teaching you how to manage treatment side effects to helping coordinate services, your nurse navigator will be an essential part of your treatment team. To contact a nurse navigator, please call (714) 446-5847.


Good nutrition is important during cancer treatment. Yet loss of appetite, nausea, changes in taste and other side effects, can affect your ability to get the nutrients you need. Our registered dietitian, who is board certified in oncology nutrition, can design a personalized plan to meet your specific needs and help you maximize your nutrition before, during and after treatment.

Eating well can help you feel better, keep up your strength and energy, maintain your weight and your body’s store of nutrients, and better tolerate side effects. To make an appointment, please call (714) 446-5982.


Our palliative care services include expert treatment of symptoms, such as pain, nausea, fatigue and shortness of breath, successfully improving your ability to tolerate treatment. Palliative care focuses on relieving your symptoms and increasing your quality of life, while helping you better understand your condition and choices for medical care.

Working with your doctors, our specially trained palliative care nurse practitioner can help relieve the physical and emotional burdens of cancer treatment. Available through outpatient and home visits, our palliative care program requires a physician referral. To better understand what palliative care can offer you, please call (714) 446-5591 or talk to your doctor.


Cancer treatment can create changes in your appearance. To help manage those changes, we offer a wide selection of specialty items, from breast prostheses to high quality wigs. Fountain Orthotics, located on the first floor of the St. Jude Medical Plaza, offers expert and compassionate assistance in helping patients maintain their confidence and self-image. Open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Fountain Orthotics offers mastectomy bras,

compression garments, breast forms, and custom orthotics, as well as attractive and affordable wigs and hairpieces. A certified fitter is available to help you find a look that works for you!

For more information, please call (714) 871-9960.

Conveniently located nearby is our Expressions Kiosk, which offers hats, scarves and inspirational items to support cancer survivorship. The kiosk is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


At St. Jude, our unique Cancer Rehabilitation and Wellness Program offers patients the physical and emotional support they need to regain their quality of life after treatment is over. The first program of its kind in the state, our team of oncology rehabilitation experts includes physical therapists, psychologists, pain specialists, speech therapists and occupational therapists, offering highly effective, individualized care. Certified by STAR (Survivorship Training and Rehabilitation), the program combines the newest evidence-based cancer rehabilitation practices with an innovative list of services that covers the spectrum of symptoms, from incontinence to pain. The result is patients recover their energy, well-being and quality of life more completely and more quickly, whether they are still living with cancer, in remission or cured. A physician referral is required. Please call (714) 578-8753.


Our oncology social workers can help you navigate the health care system and find support to manage the day-to-day challenges of living with cancer. Knowledgeable about the practical and psychosocial effects of cancer treatment and survivorship, our highly trained social workers offer counseling for patients and families, as well as help with financial issues, transportation issues, and disability/insurance issues.

These experienced oncology social workers provide practical assistance, while helping you strengthen your coping skills and supporting your return to health. Whether finding solutions for your work or insurance issues, or helping you through feelings of anxiety and loss, our social workers can play an important role on your treatment team and are uniquely able to help care for you mind, body and spirit. To reach an oncology social worker, please call (714) 992-3000, exts. 2299 or 2289.


We offer spiritual support to patients and families of all religious faiths. Services include visitation, spiritual and emotional support, pastoral counseling, crisis intervention, prayer, sacraments and bereavement support, as well as support in bioethical issues, including end-of-life care and decisions. Our certified chaplains will work closely with your clergy while you are at St. Jude Medical Center. To reach our Spiritual Care team, please call (714) 992-3000 ext. 7777.

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