Cancer Diagnosis

At the St. Jude Crosson Comprehensive Cancer Center, we are proud to offer diagnosis options for all kinds of cancer. We recognize that diagnosing cancer before it reaches certain stages can be the difference between life and death for our patients and we therefore pool considerable resources in this area of our medical facility. With cutting-edge technology and a caring atmosphere, we do everything we can help our patients with both initial diagnosis and the treatment that follows. From bladder cancer to brain, breast, liver and pancreatic, there is not a single type of cancer we will turn away.

We also recognize that there is not one single test that will be able to successfully diagnose cancer – for this reason we take a comprehensive approach. We do complete, thorough evaluations of every patient that we work with – not only taking their history into mind, but focusing on physical examination, as well as effective diagnostic and laboratory testing. As the diagnosis process can be emotionally and spiritually tolling, we also take strides to help offer support and guidance. Through our unique Nurse Navigator program and support groups, we work to help our patients cope with the circumstances and deal with the challenges that they are facing.

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