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Robyn Vieth, MD
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Robyn Vieth, MD

(714) 992-5350
Primary Specialties
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
Medical Groups & Affiliations
  • St. Jude Affiliated Physician
  • St. Jude Heritage Medical Group
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Primary Office

101 Laguna Road
Suite 100
Fullerton, CA 92835
(714) 992-5350
(714) 992-8156

Secondary Office

4300 Rose Drive
Yorba Linda, CA 92886
(714) 992-5350
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I felt so rushed and I told her of my anxiety. I put on my records and I had PCOS and she never mentioned it. I told her I was having a hard time with my weight and she said, "ya that's hard." Really? Never going back!
great in person service. was hard to reach before hand when I had questions but we solved the problem, she gave me a direct line
she is really nice, I'm glad that i choose her as my obgyn doctor :)
I got to the office a little early and had barely taken a seat when they called me back. It wasn't like other doctors I've been to where you wait to get called to the room and then wait in the room again. Very courteous and loved the staff. I used to put off routine visits, but she makes me feel more comfortable about going every year.
went to labor and delivery do to severe pain in my side for 3 days and the emergency nurse saying I should come in because it's not normal after I went in they told me it COULD be lack of water but they weren't sure and so I drank a lot of water and luckily the pain went away days later but they wanted me to follow up with my doctor and when I brought it up to her she just asked if it was gone and I said "yes I drank a lot of water and it was went away" and she just said "whatever works" instead of explaining what that pain could have been caused by considering she is the doctor who knows way more than the nurses I spoke to when I went in. That was upsetting because I'd like to know what that pain was caused from and it would have been nice to see her care a bit more for pain I shouldn't have been having.
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  • Medical School:
    Chicago Medical School
  • Internship:
    Chicago Medical School
  • Residency:
    Methodist Hospitals of Dallas

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