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Meet Teri and Steve Glomb: St. Jude’s Newest Ortho Alumni Members

Meet Teri and Steve Glomb: St. Jude’s Newest Ortho Alumni Members

Teri Glomb couldn’t play with her grandchildren or even tie her own shoe. Hip pain made tasks as simple as walking to the mailbox an exercise in endurance. For her husband, Steve, a CFO for a financial company, knee pain prevented him from enjoying two of his favorite hobbies: racing cars and riding motorcycles. The couple’s biggest regret? Living with the pain too long before having joint replacement.

The Glombs are two of the nearly 1000 joint replacements performed last year at St. Jude Medical Center — recognized by U.S. News & World Report as one of the nation’s best hospitals for orthopedic and joint replacement. Advanced surgical techniques, breakthroughs in materials, customized implants, and new approaches to rehabilitation are some of the advances that have revolutionized joint replacement — turning shoulder replacement into an outpatient procedure and many hip replacements into a same-day surgery.

For Teri, life after minimally-invasive hip replacement was a welcome shock: no pain and a walker that was quickly discarded. “I was going up and down stairs within hours of surgery,” explains the 67-year-old grandmother. And because of the innovative technique used — direct anterior approach — restrictions on activities for weeks or months after surgery were unnecessary. “This surgery is the best thing I’ve done,” she explains. “Trying to get by with BENGAY® is just ridiculous.”

Steve’s knee replacement soon followed — and while having a wife who already had a joint replaced meant he didn’t receive a lot of sympathy — he didn’t need it. He used a walker for a day, a cane for two days, and then showed up at his physical therapy appointment with one quickly-realized goal: a knee that could bend 140 degrees to fit inside a race car.

Now members of St. Jude’s Ortho Alumni Group for joint replacement patients, the Glombs have the opportunity to share their experience. “This elite group meets quarterly to provide sage advice and support one another,” says Frances Horan, MSN, RN, Manager, Orthopedic Inpatient Unit. Besides rooting each other on, alumni members also inspire the staff. “It is heartwarming to see their progress and see them return to the people and activities they love,” Horan says.

While the Yorba Linda couple had different surgeons, both benefitted from the expertise created by board-certified surgeons who focus on specific areas. “Absolutely wonderful doctors, great at what they do,” states Teri, who says a short waltz with her surgeon on her first post-op appointment was the perfect test for hip mobility. “Skilled and compassionate — you couldn’t ask for more.”

To find out more about the St. Jude Orthopedic Program, call (714) 626-8630.

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