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Always Tired? Time to replace your fatigue with something better

Always Tired? Time to replace your fatigue with something better

For millions of Americans, tired is their new normal. Finding a solution often starts with blood tests to rule out common culprits, including anemia, diabetes and thyroid conditions. But Jyotika Wali, MD, board-certified internal medicine physician, has a longer checklist—and it’s helped many beat fatigue and increase their energy.

VITAMIN DEFICIENCY: People are often deficient in key vitamins and minerals – including D, B, E and magnesium—any of which can cause fatigue. “These nutrients play a major role in your body’s energy production,” explains Dr. Wali, who recommends high-quality, pharmaceutical grade supplements. “When there’s a deficiency, the result is often fatigue.”

TOO LITTLE SHUT-EYE: Sometimes the issue is sleep apnea and sometimes it’s just the false belief that “five hours is all I need.” A lack of sleep impacts two hormones—ghrelin and leptin— that control your hunger, explains Dr. Wali: “Not enough sleep can sabotage your weight, vitality and open the door to depression.”

EATING THE WRONG THINGS: “Spikes in blood sugar—whether from a Coke or white bread—leave you feeling tired,” says Dr. Wali, explaining that refined carbs stimulate insulin, a fattening hormone and over time can lead to insulin resistance.

In addition, most people consume too many inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids—thanks to an abundance of processed foods and hydrogenated oils—and too few omega-3 foods, such as avocadoes, eggs, wild caught salmon and olive oil. “An imbalance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids creates fatigue and inflammation,” says Dr. Wali.

According to the popular Fullerton physician, the key is to begin with a few small changes—not attempting a dramatic overhaul. “Today, find a great B supplement and make a bowl of guacamole,” she urges. “Tomorrow, get some exercise by dancing for 20 minutes or take a brisk walk. Small steps can lead to big successes.”

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