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Losing Weight to Gain Back a Life

Losing Weight to Gain Back a Life

Loss of mobility, hobbies, and health—a story that’s familiar to anyone carrying too many pounds. It was Mike Eakle’s story as well, until he rewrote it using an innovative weight loss program.

Weighing 373 pounds and taking five insulin shots a day to control his diabetes, Mike couldn’t walk more than 20 feet, suffered from severe neuropathy in his hands and feet, and was dependent on an electric cart to make it through the grocery store.

Mike’s physician recommended the HMR Program, ranked the #1 Fast Weight Loss Diet by U.S. News & World Report.

In 18 weeks, he has lost 89 pounds—and the insulin shots and high blood pressure medications are a thing of the past. “I have so much energy, the neuropathy is gone, and I can actually see my feet,” explains the 63-year-old, who is back to gardening, playing Frisbee with his grandchildren, and walking through every aisle of Home Depot – just for fun—instead of strategizing the shortest distance to a needed item.

Proven to create substantially more weight loss than standard diets, HMR provides every element needed for success: nutritionally complete meals, vitamin supplements, individualized education, accountability, and if needed, medical supervision.

Jennifer MacDuff, MS, CWC, St. Jude Heritage Healthcare, provides one-on-one support for Mike and others in the program, giving her a front row seat to the significant, often dramatic, changes in participants’ quality of life. “The motivation is frequently a serious medical condition, like diabetes, heart disease or joint deterioration,” explains Jennifer, a certified health coach and exercise physiologist. “They recognize their future is at stake if they don’t change something.”

Designed to help individuals lose anywhere from 20 to 300 pounds, the program’s success at creating weight loss is matched by its success at keeping the pounds off—a rare accomplishment among weight loss programs.

“Not only is the food good, there is a lot of it,” Mike explains, describing the mushroom risotto as his favorite. “The philosophy is ‘more is better’ and the emphasis is on learning healthy strategies, not going without.” In fact, Mike recently ran the donut machine at a community carnival and didn’t even feel tempted. “I’ve got some more weight to lose, but the future is exciting and optimistic for the first time in years.”

To learn more about HMR or to enroll, please call (714) 446-5154.

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