Chronic Pain Services

Recognized as one of California's most innovative and successful programs, our Chronic Pain Program helps patients, age 8 to 90, break the crippling cycle of chronic pain and reclaim their quality of life.

Our highly trained specialists successfully treat conditions ranging from fibromyalgia and debilitating headaches to severe back pain. We target the physical effects of chronic pain with an individualized program of physical therapy, interventional procedures, medication management, nutrition and pain-reducing strategies. Equally important, we treat the emotional responses to pain—such as depression and anxiety—through biofeedback, stress management, counseling and support groups.

While most pain management programs focus just on medications, our comprehensive approach involves specialists from neurology, nutrition, pharmacy, interventional anesthesiology, clinical psychology, rehabilitative medicine and others. It is this multidisiciplinary expertise that has made us a leader in restoring health and wellness to those surffering from chronic pain. For information call (714) 578-8716.

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