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Giving Patients the Gold Standard in Cancer Rehab with Our STAR® Certification

We are pleased to announce that the clinicians at St. Jude Cancer Rehabilitation and Wellness Services are STAR® certified. The gold standard in cancer rehabilitation, STAR® (Survivorship Training and Rehabilitation) focuses on the unique needs of individual cancer patients, from the newly diagnosed to survivors.

Our compassionate specialists work with patients to reduce pain, increase energy, build strength, and combat any anxiety or depression that may arise from a cancer diagnosis. We understand that getting back to a daily routine is an important step in improving quality of life.

The STAR® Cancer Rehabilitation’s team of experts has advanced training in meeting the unique needs of cancer patients. Compassionate experts provide individualized treatment that includes:

Audiology consults: Experts are available to consult on chemotherapy-related hearing impairment.

Breast cancer rehabilitation: Lymphedema assessment• Exercise• Education• Surgical site massage

Cancer-related fatigue therapy: Exercise therapy for weakness, fatigue and decreased balance resulting from cancer surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy

Head and neck exercise and vital stem swallowing therapy: Therapy includes exercise and gentle electrical stimulation for neck and throat muscles to assist with regaining swallowing function after head and neck cancer surgery.

Lung cancer therapy: Therapy includes exercise to increase endurance, strengthand build tolerance for resuming activities of daily living.

Lymphedema therapy: Therapy includes manual lymph drainage, bandaging, compression, education and exercise. Pre/post-operative early onset lymphedema assessment using the ImpediMed bioimpedance device is also offered.

Neuro-oncology rehabilitation: Therapy includes exercise, balance training, activities of daily living and functional living for achieving maximum functional outcomes with an innovative team approach.

Pelvic floor rehabilitation: This program offers rehabilitation for prostate, colorectal, urological and gynecological cancers, and treats incontinence, pelvic pain and core muscle weakness.

Physical, occupational and speech therapy: Highly-trained therapists offer individualized evaluations and services to improve functional ability.

Social services: Dedicated social workers assist in providing a wide range of support from financial resources to assistance with State and Federal disability.

Spiritual care: Spiritual caregivers are on staff to help engage faith as a positive resource.

For more information, please call us at (714) 578-8753 .

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