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Mother Baby Classes

Preparing for the birth of a new baby is an important time for families. St. Jude Medical Center offers a variety of educational and fitness programs designed to make the childbirth experience more meaningful and positive, and help the family adjust after the baby is born.

Pre-registration is required for all classes. We strongly encourage you to register for your prenatal classes by your 15thweek of pregnancy.

For information on dates, times, locations and fees or to register, please click here. Please have your credit card information ready. We accept Visa and MasterCard. All classes are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. For questions related to Mother Baby classes, please call (714) 578-8774.

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Childbirth Center Open House

Hear about St. Jude Medical Center’s Childbirth Center and familiarize yourself with the many programs and services available to parents, including our popular “Babymoon,” rooming-in, lactation experts and more. A tour of the Labor & Delivery unit is included, and important details for your delivery day will be covered, including where to park and check-in at the hospital. Please plan to attend an open house by your 20th week.

Each registrant may be accompanied by a spouse or supportive partner. To ensure you are able to get the most out of your visit, this tour has been designed for adults only.

To register for this class, click here.

Prepared Childbirth Class

Prepared childbirth classes are a must for first-time parents. These comprehensive childbirth classes will help you be prepared and confident as you approach your big day. Our certified team of instructors is available to provide everything that you need to know and separate fact from fiction on hot-button pregnancy, labor and delivery topics. The classes include: anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, the labor and birth process, signs of labor, stages and phases of labor, coping methods, pain management, common complications and promoting communication with your caregiver. They will teach you breathing, relaxation and positions that are important tools throughout your labor. All of this information has been customized to your delivery at St. Jude.

If you feel overloaded with information that you have received through books, television, websites, or acquaintances, our instructors will help you sift through it all so you can focus on what is most important: creating a positive birth experience.

Please aim to complete your classes by the 36th week of pregnancy. You never know when your little one will choose to arrive!

To register for this class, click here.

Breastfeeding Basics (Breastfeeding Part I & II)

Babies are born to be breastfed and this prenatal class offers practical information and tips to get you off to a great start. Learn latching and positioning techniques, how to establish or increase an abundant milk supply, signs of success and how to avoid or treat common breastfeeding concerns.

There will be in-depth discussion about the first days of feeding, the importance of skin-to-skin contact and rooming-in at the hospital to learn and respond to your baby’s hunger cues. The main focus of this class is the early weeks and months of nursing. Pumping, milk expression and safe storage of breast milk will also be covered.

Parents leave this class feeling more confident in their ability to nourish their newborn and to make informed feeding choices. This one-time class may be taken after the 20th week of pregnancy. Your spouse or partner is encouraged to attend.

To register for this class, click here.

Newborn Baby Care

How will your baby adjust to life outside the womb? How will you adjust to life with a newborn? From the first hours after birth to the first weeks at home this class offers information, tips and proven techniques to keep your baby safe, happy and healthy. Using doll models, you’ll learn the basics of bathing, diapering, swaddling, umbilical cord and circumcision care and how to calm a crying baby. Newborn health concerns, signs of illness, how to take a temperature, and when to call the doctor will be reviewed. Other topics include: car seat safety, reducing the risk of SIDS, and maintaining a safe home environment.

This fun, confidence-boosting class is full of critical concepts you’ll practice as you welcome your new baby home! Your spouse or partner is encouraged to attend.

To register for this class, click here.

Life After Baby

A new baby creates exciting changes and challenges in your life. Join other new moms and their babies for our fun and interactive series to receive support and enjoy our expert speakers in a nurturing environment.

For more information or to register, please click here.

Grandparents in the Know

This class helps grandparents understand their new role and the latest parenting techniques, especially those related to infant feeding and sleep positions. Playing with baby, infant communication and temperament, health and safety will also be discussed.

To register for this class, click here.

Sibling Class

Our sibling class is specially designed for the big brother or sister-to-be who is between 3 to 8 years of age. This class helps young children learn what to expect when the new baby arrives. An exciting program with your child in mind, this class includes a video presentation. Please note: Children must be accompanied by an adult.

To register for this class, click here.