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Playing tennis or racquetball is a fun way to boost the intensity of your fitness program, as well as improve your balance, strength and agility.
Here are some guidelines that can help you make the right choice when shopping for gear.
It may not be as trendy as Pilates or power yoga, but running still delivers a great fat-burning, stress-reducing aerobic workout.
To keep stress at a minimum and reduce its effects on your life, you need to find and practice healthy ways to manage it.
To make walking something you can look forward to each day, add the ingredients that appeal to you personally.
Ideally, you should start to prepare your muscles two months before you go skiing or snowboarding. But as little as an hour of training a week for four weeks can get you ready.
Stretching is an easy thing you can do to improve your health, yet it's often the most neglected part of people's fitness regimens. Stretching can reduce your injury risk and help you become more limber, regardless of your age and physical condition.
Working out when you have a serious illness or health problem can be challenging. But for most people who have health issues, exercising can improve their prognosis and well-being. In fact, exercise can play an important role in helping you cope with or recover from a health challenge or accident.
The major culprit behind the U.S. decline in physical activity may be our own high-tech and increasingly sedentary lifestyle.
If you think that you can’t begin a strength-training program because you have heart disease, think again.
Getting to the gym for a weight workout isn't always easy. That's why it pays to have weights at home as a backup, or even as a substitute.
Taking time each week to build your strength can help you live a more healthy and independent life. Read on to dispel myths and to get the facts about strength training.
. Stronger muscles can help prevent injury or make it easier to recover from injury. They can help a person keep a good level of body fat. Activities that build bone are especially important for children.
Yoga is more than a stretching regimen. It can help you build stronger muscles, as well as help you relax and focus.
Stretching can keep your lower legs limber and your joints pain free.
Dance and fitness instructors say swing dancing or swing aerobics can elevate your heart rate quickly.
Tai chi is called a mind-body type of exercise because it combines meditation, focused breathing, and physical movement. Because it’s also a low-impact exercise, it may be particularly well suited for older adults, but it’s a beneficial exercise for people of all ages.
In indoor cycling workouts (also known as spinning classes), participants ride stationary bicycles specially designed to mimic outdoor bikes.
By knowing your heart rate, you can gauge how fit you are and whether you're working out at a moderate pace.
An adolescent athlete can never stretch too much, experts say. Stretching to stay flexible is vital -- particularly when a child reaches puberty and goes through a growth spurt.
Want to go out and play? Here are some ideas.
Got half an hour? Then you have time to boost your heart health and manage your weight.
Before you buy a treadmill or any piece of equipment, stop to figure out what kind of exercise you enjoy.
Here are some workout ideas to keep your treadmill workout creative.
Whether it's a twisted ankle, a shin splint or a strained muscle, when should you see a doctor for a sports injury?
Many people find exercise more rewarding when they can share the experience with others.
Dumbbells, one of the most underrated and versatile types of exercise equipment, can help you build strength and muscular endurance.
Fitness has a mental component, in addition to physical challenges. Even if you're in great shape, you can encounter intellectual obstacles that can decrease your motivation and stifle your performance.
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