Smoking Cessation

Beat the Pack(SM)

Finally, a smoking cessation program that brings together all the elements you need to succeed: medical management, individual counseling from a licensed psychotherapist/ smoking cessation counselor, and nutritional support. St. Jude Medical Center's eight-week program uniquely targets the most common reasons for not being able to quit smoking – and eliminates them.

For more information please call (800) 870-7537 or click here to sign up now.

Included in this program

Medical evaluation & medication support: three appointments with the program physician for medication management and medical support.

Individual consultations: eight 60-minute sessions with your smoking cessation counselor. Sessions can be adapted in length or frequency to meet your needs, for instance, two 30-minute sessions each week for eight weeks, or four 15-minute sessions. Phone check-in is also provided, as needed.

Nutrition planning: two private planning sessions with a registered dietitian.

If you've tried to quit before and haven't been able to, now you can

  • Develop an individualized plan to stop smoking.
  • Benefit from medical management solutions to help you stop smoking.
  • Learn how to manage stress, self-defeating thoughts, and negative emotions without smoking.
  • Strengthen your motivation to stop smoking.
  • Benefit from individual counseling sessions and phone support.
  • Develop coping and problem-solving skills for relapse prevention.
  • Learn strategies to address nutrition and potential weight gain.

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