Therapy Programs

To assist you on the road to recovery, St. Jude Medical Center offers a variety of therapy-based programs. While your medical treatment may be completed, it's important to keep moving forward, and St. Jude has designed programs to support your transition back to enjoying your life and the activities you love.

To ensure your health and safety, we require physician clearance prior to participation.

For more information please call (800) 870-7537 or click here to sign up now.


Using gentle, guided movements, these classes integrate mind and body to achieve greater coordination and agility. Feldenkrais is taught in group class or individual sessions by a certified Feldenkrais practitioner.

(Physician clearance is required.)


Supervised group exercise classes for individuals with reduced bone density problems targeted toward improving posture and building strength and flexibility.

(Physician clearance is required.)


Supervised group exercise class designed for individuals with significant osteoarthritis issues in the knees. The class incorporates safe stretching, balance, and physician developed strengthening exercises along with highly specialized rehabilitation and physical therapy equipment to improve joint mobility, control pain and build strength.

(Physician clearance is required.)

Supervised Circuit

Created for persons with limited endurance, balance or mobility issues, this class uses strength and resistance equipment to improve physical capabilities through specialized, controlled movements along with continuous support and assistance.

(Physician clearance required along with 60 minute pre-enrollment evaluation.)

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