Mother and Baby

You’re about to have a baby. Can you think of a better time to begin the practice of Yoga? After the pregnancy, could there be a more relaxing way to release tension, get back in shape and bond with your new baby? The Yoga programs at St. Jude Medical Center are taught by experienced instructors who are ready to help you as you take on one of life’s most important responsibilities.

Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga is designed to accommodate a mother’s changing needs throughout her pregnancy. Postures focus on developing strength and staying in shape. Focus on gentle stretches help promote relaxation and create a little more space for baby as her pregnancy progresses.

Breathing techniques promote delivery of oxygen to both mother and baby and the closing relaxation activities are excellent for release of any emotional or mental tension.

* Designed for those in 2nd or 3rd trimester *

(Physician clearance is required.)

Mommy and Me Yoga

This unique Yoga class utilizes poses that allow a mother to interact with her baby while she participates in her own practice of Yoga. The Yoga postures will focus on helping mom restore alignment and tone and strengthen the pelvic floor. The breathing exercises and ending meditation will assist her in adjusting to the emotional demands of motherhood. Good for getting mom back in shape and to stimulate baby’s development, too!

* For babies 40 days to 4 months old. *

(Physician clearance required for mom.)

For more information please call (714) 578-8770 or click here to sign up now.

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